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Norman Reedus - American Gangster - The New Ridley Scott Film Starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington

Norman Reedus (born January 6, 1969 in Florida, USA) is an actor and former model.

Half English, half Italian. Before modeling for high fashion companies inclduing Prada and Durban, he acted in Mimic and Six Ways To Sunday. When Prada approached him, Norman was presented the offer and accepted. The offer was also made to Nicholas Cage.

Norman's son, Mingus Lucien Reedus (named for the jazz musician) was born 22 October 1999 to model Helena Christensen. Helena and Norman are no longer living together

Reedus was in a car accident in late February of 2005 in Berlin when after attending a R.E.M. concert, his driver pitched suddenly into traffic at the wrong moment and a semi truck struck his car. He was jettisoned through the windshield and landed on the sidewalk, receiving some damage to the left side of his face, for which he had to undergo surgery


  • Accompanied Director Troy Duffy and fellow actor David Della Rocco on a tour of New England colleges in March and April of 2005 to connect with fans of the movie Boondock Saints.
  • Spring 2006- filming the pilot of new FOX drama 13 Graves, which will also star Matthew Lillard of Scream and SLC Punk
Norman Reedus - American Gangster - The New Ridley Scott Film Starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington

Zombie Island 2005 (in production)
A Crime 2006 (in filming)
Killer Queen 2006 (released)
Comfortably Numb 2005
The Notorious Bettie Page 2005
Antikörper 2005
Moscow Chill 2005
Ôsama No Kampô 2004
Until The Night 2004
Octane 2003
Tough Luck 2003
Nobody Needs To Know 2003
Deuces Wild 2002
Blade II 2002
Luster 2002
Sand 2000
Preston Tylk 2000
Gossip 2000
Beat 2000
The Beat Nicks 2000
Floating 1999
Let The Devil Wear Black 1999
The Boondock Saints 1999
8MM 1999
Dark Harbor 1998
Reach The Rock 1998
Im Losing You 1998
Davis Is Dead 1998
Six Ways To Sunday 1997
Mimic 1997

Norman Reedus - American Gangster - The New Ridley Scott Film Starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington


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